To enhance privacy protection in Instagram

To enhance privacy protection in Instagram

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Dear Netizens, 

Technology has been our way of life for the last couple of months. But as a virtual network provider, it becomes very important to not compromise on privacy and protection of the consumer. Instagram has failed us once again. A bunch of our friends have been let down when their images have been screenshot and morphed in porn sites. Can you imagine the pain and betrayal they have felt? Can something be done about this? Of course!

It is time to add a new feature in which Instagram doesn't allow people to screenshot the pictures of others unless the user is okay with the screenshotting of pictures. It should be more user choice and their right to privacy.  While we fight for a larger cause like safety in public spaces, an immediate action from Instagram can assure millions of us. It is not time to quit social media, it is time to demand social accountability!

Today, we will start asking for this change by taking that first step to sign the petition. The petition is launched by Durga India, a women safety initiative based out of Bangalore who works with women, girls, men and boys to equip them to take control over their safety in collaboration with VOICE and VOICE out, campus and online youth initiatives of Durga who are democratic student communities working towards the creation of a safe, gender-equitable space. With your support, we can lobby with Instagram for this feature. Please sign this petition because you matter and your voice matters!