Stop videos of alive animals feed to pet snakes

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Instagram, facebook, youtube, and many social networks have thousands of videos where mice, frogs, rabbits and other animals are fed alive to mainly, reptiles. These videos are found under common hashtags, and you happen to found them, even without searching them. We are many people that have little rodents frogs, and other small animals as pets, and we don't want to see them suffering and being eaten alive. As this networks have a zero tolerance policy in relation to other forms of animal abuse, why we, small animal owners have to bear with this gross videos? Can't people just show their pets (snakes, lizards) without we having to see other animals suffer on the meantime?

We know snakes need to be fed with live rodents. But this does not mean we have to see it online while searching for our favorite animals cute videos.

Imagine you were searching for small puppies videos, and, instead of little sloppy furry doggies running and sleeping around you end up seeing a guy killing it with batons. Would you like that? Same happens to us, small "preys" animals lovers.

We are not asking for snakes or lizards to be forbidden on social networks. We love all animals. We just don't want to see them eating alive animals, because we are searching for videos this videos to have a great time.

Nowadays if you search "mice" just for the sake of seeing a tiny rodent playing or eating some seeds, every three videos you end up seeing a snake killing and eating one. This is something that takes out your mood and we feel coerced, and we are forced to stop, as this videos deeply affects little animals owners.

"Your liberty ends where the liberty of others commences"

 - Leon Chautard 1857

Thank you.