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Stop discriminating against breastfeeding women and children

On June 8th, Instagram disabled TheLeakyBoob Instagram account, an account dedicated to supporting breastfeeding mothers and the people that support them.  We want to see Instagram bring back TheLeakyBoob and clearly permit breastfeeding images in their terms of service and stop discriminating against breastfeeding mothers and their babies.

Moms need to see breastfeeding, it's important. Others need to see breastfeeding to put a stop to the dehumanization of women through the over emphasis on the sexual nature of the female body. Because we need to culturally encourage moms to breastfeed and go beyond just lip service and accept them fully in society without penalizing them by requiring them to hide feeding their children.

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Stop discriminating against breastfeeding women and children, bring back TheLeakyBoob on Instagram and change your terms of service to clearly allow breastfeeding images.