Make Instagram Respond to Claims of Hacked/Disabled Accounts

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Recently, thousands of claims have come forward of random Instagram users' accounts being hacked, taken over, or deleted/disabled with no warning by Instagram themselves. If you check their Facebook page, almost ever single one of their recent posts have a comment section FULL of people complaining that they've been having the same issues and yet Instagram has refused to respond to ANYONE about the matter, while continuing to post their regular schedule as if nothing is wrong and their server haven't been breached.

There are people out there who have had business accounts with all of their client data breached. Parents with family photos of their MINORS on their accounts now being controlled by some random Russian email address. There is important and meaningful information out there that is being lost at exponentially growing rates and Instagram wont even so much as respond to a single person. A lot of these accounts have been reported as being hacked as well, but even when the original owner gains control back and changes their log in info, Instagram STILL deleted them AFTER they were back under the original owners control.

You would think such a large data breach like this would be a big deal to them after what happened with Facebook. Please help share this and make it KNOWN that this is unacceptable and they need to be held accountable and give a response.