Instagram should have animal abuse as a reporting option

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Instagram offers the option of users reporting accounts for violence or threat of violence but when it comes to dog fighting, they seem to deny such report. Instead of choosing to report "violence or threat of violence", there should be an animal abuse option for Instagram to look more in detail of the page. Dog fighters are very active on Instagram. There has been time and time again of us good-hearted people reporting an account and the request being denied. 

Instead of just deleting such account from their platform, we ask that Instagram do their due diligence at reporting such abuse. If they cannot see clear evidence of the location of the account to report to authorities, we ask that they send this information to the Humane Society. They can easily email evidence to

We need Instagram to do the right thing and help save these lives. 

These dogs are held against their will to fight, be tortured and killed. They do not have a voice, but WE DO. 

Let's stand up for those who can't speak for themselves. #bandogfighting #voiceforthevoiceless