Instagram needs to stop shutting down Drug Harm Reduction pages which are saving lives!

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My name is James creator of @PillReportUK - A one of a kind drug harm reduction page which aimed to reduce drug related deaths through education, testing, awareness and the need to change the culture surrounding taking drugs.

Many young people have lost their lives due to accidental overdose due to the lack of education given to them as well as not being aware of potentially fatal drugs in circulation, drug related deaths in the UK are rising and stand at over 3,500 a year.

Instagram closed my page down on the 13th of January, citing no reason other than violating their terms of service, a terms of service which state that pages must  'foster a safe and inclusive environment' which is exactly what these pages are here to create, there was no violation of its terms, a massive contradiction from a corporate giant who should have a robust CSR policy - There are pages on this platform where knife crime is promoted and where children are being openly groomed where there is no action taken on. 

Another harm reduction page was shutdown around two weeks ago - this was a governmental organisation part of the department of social welfare in Zurich, this raises the question what issue does Instagram have with drug harm reduction pages which save lives, oh and finally lets not forget Sesh Safety a page which had over thousands of followers on Facebook which was shutdown at the end of December.

Please sign this petition so Instagram/Facebook can see the harm they are causing by shutting these pages down.