Instagram, Hold Farhan Accountable

Instagram, Hold Farhan Accountable

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Started by Chandana Hiran

On 9th April 2022, Farida realized her content on feminism was being stolen by a man pretending to be a feminist.

He wasn't following her and had never spoken to her but used her words to grow his platform. When Farida realized the quantum of posts he had stolen, she reached out to Farhan (@che_guefarhan on Instagram) and asked him to credit her for her work. 

Farhan apologized and said he would take accountability. And then, he chose to escape

He has now turned his account into private and is not responding to Farida ( or anyone else who is questioning him. Farhan has been using the work of not only Farida but various women to grow his social media platforms.

Sign this petition now to urge Instagram to hold Mohammed Farhan accountable.

"Farhan is growing his platform out of picking on the viral hard work done by women and branding himself as a feminist man. He is weaponizing our pain for sex appeal. He is using feminism as foreplay. He is not an advocate; he is an actor. And what he has amassed isn't a feminist platform - it's a patriarchal privilege." - Farida D.

"How can theft be allyship? The issue here is theft from someone from a position of oppression when the thief is in a position of privilege - presenting that as allyship. That is sick." - @girlsagainstopression

"The problem with men like these who copy female content creators' work from their lived realities is that it creates an even worse distrust in women for men who might be actual allies. Men's reputation is ruined by other men. Not women." - Chinmayi Sripaada.

Farhan grew his entire platform and public image out of the stolen work of women. He is also using the same content on TikTok under the handle "@turtleneckemo". Merely taking down the reported content on his account isn't enough. Stricter action must be taken against him for the work he stole and the abuse he inflicted upon various women.

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Let's not let yet another man get away from profiting off the hard work of women.

8,659 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!