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Have Instagram Revise their Guidelines

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We must take action. Instagram has let us all down in the worst way possible, by condoning animal abuse. For example, the account (now is @jatt.shonki.pitbull.da ) is a horrifying Instagram account that posts dog fights and injured dogs for people’s entertainment. They continue to change their handle name, in attempts of escaping, and the longer Instagram stands by and denies our reports filed under "offensive and violent," the longer accounts like this have to gain support. Every single report made on this account, to our disbelief, came back denied (in a matter of minutes, which shouldn’t be humanly possible). Instagram will take down a nude photo immediately because it’s “offensive” yet bloody dogs and animal abuse is NOT?! Social media is a huge platform that can reach all over the world, Instagram condoning posts like this will allow for others to think that behavior like this is acceptable. We need to let Instagram know that we DO NOT accept animal abuse, nor do we accept the people that condone it. Instagram NEEDS to reconsider their definition of "offensive and violent" because animal cruelty doesn't fall under it in their book! Animal abuse IS violent, IS offensive, and should be treated as a crime. In order for posts like such to receive timely punishment/action taken, Instagram needs to provide its own category upon making a report. Animal abuse should NEVER be posted or supported for entertainment. 
•Use the hashtag #reviseinstagramsguidelinesNOAAA (NOAAA - No Animal Abuse Acceptance)!!!! We need to show them that this acceptance OFFENDS us as a community! 
•Email @instagram and let them know you are offended and use the hashtag in the email -
•Share with your friends to help spread the message!
For those of you that help, the world needs more of you, thank you

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