Have Instagram create a report section for animal cruelty.

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Who started this? 

Hi! I am a gecko account on Instagram ( @gecko.center ) where I post pictures of my crested geckos and leopard geckos. I also own many other animals such as dogs, cats, etc. with this experience with animals I am strongly against the abuse of any animal. 

What started this movement? 

I recently came across a movement to report an account on Instagram for the abuse of 2 chameleons. What I found as I tried to make this report was that there is no section in the report for animal cruelty. I resorted to making a report for violence. Instagram responded shortly after and denied the request saying it did not “violate” their “Community Guidelines”. So where is there a spot to report animal cruelty? I took to my story after this and got many replies back with people having the same issue with this account and many other reports made a while ago. As I discussed it further with people they believed this could be a real issue to bring forward. That is what really pushed me into bringing up this issue. 

How do I help? 

I believe this petition could show Instagram the support behind this and the need for a real solution to the animal cruelty problem on Instagram. As of right now the only posts which have been really effected are the very violent posts including blood and gore. The majority of these posts are just censored and no action is really taken. The accounts are not punished for this and they can still receive the same amount of likes and comments which will encourage this behavior further. Please sign this petition and share this so that Instagram can see this problem.