Give @thececeshow her account back on Instagram.

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This is my account. I am a 29 year old Mother/Manager who started an account on Instgram to show talent and shed laughter into people's lives on Instagram. There is so much negative being spotlighted, I thought being positive and broadcasting my client and daughter to the world would be fun. Not only do I feel we were not treated fairly, instagram never sends emails to let you know of any wrong doings, they don't have a way to contact them, I sent in my verification over 200 times. They have deleted my account twice, I sent in my Id, and they gave it back, then they just last week they deleted it again. All Im saying is let's be fair, if you are going erase all kids who are instagram, erase all kids on Instagram, but if you don't know for sure who account it is at least check before deleting. I have worked very hard to pave a way and create awesome positive dialogue for social media accounts. All I ask is to be treated fairly. There are plenty of famous kids under the age of 13 with accounts, all of them have their pages, cece is a industry kid, she is also in the union. She is publicly known by everyone, celebrities and all. All we want is the page back or a response as to why it was really deleted. I didn't get one email from instagram. I need answers. I will fight this everyday until I'm answered and treated fairly.

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