Force Instagram to change the process for disabled accounts

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September 23/2020 Instagram disabled my small business account without warning. They claimed it was due to suspicious activity and logged me out. The message said it would be reviewed in 24 hours... it wasn’t. Nor was there anyway for me to contact Instagram or get a response about this.

All emails are ignored, messages and comments on social media are ignored. The help center is anything but helpful and doesn’t even address what happened to me. I have zero recourse to get my Instagram back and because they don’t have a customer service team my chances of getting back my account and all the work I put into it is zero. 

And it’s not just me. A scan of the comments on any Instagram social media page and there are hundreds of not thousands of people begging for their accounts back. This is sick. We are the customer, when did it become okay to ignore the people who built up your platform in the first place?? 

So this petition is for anyone who is desperate for help from Instagram but is being ignored. It’s time we stop putting up with it and hold these people accountable for holding our accounts, memories and connections hostage. It’s time for Instagram to admit they have been and are failing us and to change it.