Cancel RomaArmy (Chloe Sunderland) & get her deplatformed

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Chloe Sunderland aka Roma Army is a hate group. With this petition well show that lots of people believe she is a violent, abusive queen of the incels. We are hoping to get enough signatures to get her removed from Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook. There has been numerous account of her frauding (justice for jari), doing drugs, is excited to beat her child in a video, is a predator and has asked a minor for nudes- shenot to mention the threats of killing and burning down someone's house/sending out nudes as revenge porn which is illegal in Canada but we have proof of all allegations. She hasn't changed anything just her lifestyle that people pay for. Will also send this to Patreon CEO and she should be deplatformed off everything. She should not be the face of any movement, and all these people agree.