Call to Instagram to add in-built closed captioning to Stories

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This is a direct call to Instagram to add an in built closed captioning feature to Stories.

With 500 million people accessing them on a daily basis (2020), Stories have become arguably the most popular feature of Instagram. People enjoy hitting the Stories reel to see snapshots of their friends' day. Users tend to take to Stories when they want to speak into the camera for a more personalised approach to explain something they want to say, or if they simply don't have enough time to create a more time-consuming grid post. Stories are beneficial for brands too, as companies and influencers that have over 10k followers can add an easy swipe up link within their Stories to products and services they are speaking about. 

Over 5% of the world has disabling hearing loss, which is around 466 million people (WHO, 2020). These people cannot hear our Stories and it's time to call on Instagram to change this.
A built in captioning feature would also benefit:
- people with cognitive processing disabilities
- people who are in an environment where they need to be quiet, e.g. around sleeping babies
- people who are in a noisy environment 

and no doubt thousands more.

While there are apps to add captioning to your stories offline, and lots of people also add manual text, the majority don't, because it is fiddly and time-consuming. The whole attraction of Stories is that they benefit those who don't have time - they are about the immediacy of message delivery. 

By signing this petition you are supporting the call to Instagram to add a closed captioning feature, like their parent company Facebook, so that their Stories can be accessed by the millions they currently exclude.