Boycott Instagram for endorsing animal abuse

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   Despite these clearly awful pictures of Animal Cruelty, as posted by one user, Instagram seems to not care in any sense. What is sad, is that this page was reported many times… Instagram’s response? Put a viewer discretion advisory warning, rather than remove the picture.

   This clear case of abuse to another living being is not only wrong, but illegal. By not contacting the authorities about these graphic pictures, Instagram is actually guilty of aiding a crime, the crime of animal abuse. Instagram has crossed the line, and they admitted it was not just their automated system, they saw these pictures when they put the viewer discretion label upon each one, and by doing so Instagram has acknowledged their guilt, and may face criminal charges.

  Even if Instagram was not aware of this, and it was automated, Instagram must take a larger role. Instagram has an obligation to fight against animal cruelty, and by allowing these kind of terrible images to filter out, they are doing the opposite, fighting to encourage animal cruelty. Other people will think this is okay to do so, or worse continue animal abuse for the sake of their photography.

  Instagram must offer a public apology, but that does not go far enough, Instagram must offer a large donation, preferably no less than one million dollars, to an official Animal Rights Organization.

  Hopefully, Instagram will learn a lesson from this terrible incident, and will not allow such awful acts within the future.

Here is a link to the man behind these awful images as well:

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