Reinstate all You Look Like a Man social media accounts

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Last night, Jessica Fithen, the founder of the brand You Look Like A Man was locked out of all of her personal and business social media accounts. This appears to be linked to her exposure of some of the many absolute disgusting comments made by men on the social media accounts of women who she works tirelessly to expose. Her work is crucial to creating an Internet environment that is safe for women. On top of that, she does nothing but repost comments made by people publicly. By silencing her platform, Instagram and Facebook take the stance that they are okay with the bullying but not the exposure of same. Let's show them how unacceptable we think this position is - please consider signing and sharing this petition.

For more information on the work that is done by You Look Like a Man, please check out their website and also consider purchasing some merch to help the brand survive this difficult time.

Jessica works tirelessly to support women in strength sports and in general so please consider showing her that same support now.