Inspired by the good work of Embark: Stop Dog Breeders!

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Isn't it nice to get a puppy a cute fuzzy friend to love. But do you know what some breeders do to dogs. Breeders breed female dogs again and again to get money from selling puppies. Then once the mother dogs can't give them any more puppies they throw them out onto the streets to fend for themselves.

Now there are probably tons and tons of breeders out there. Thats means there are millions more suffering dogs out there. More than a million dogs are die if they are not adopted. 

The dogs are kept in dirty small cages that are barely big enough to fit them inside. Some breeders also do not care for the dogs health selling dogs who may have health defects which leads to more vet trips, which leads to more money spent on keeping them in good health, that then will (in some cases) lead to the owners to abandon the dogs. Breeders will also get rid of dogs who have disease that can be passed down to puppies.

Speaking of dog health some breeders may keep the dog in very poor conditions. Breeders will also cut the dogs tail off and cut of a certain part of the dogs ear off, breeders also tape the ears to make them pointy. To cut the dogs tail off they might use a very cruel way of doing things like cutting off the blood circulation to the area using a rubber tool which they will leave on for a few days until the tail falls off.

This type of cruelty must not go on! Sign my petition and you can help dogs all over the world can have a better, healthier and happier life. Remember one signature can bring this goal one step closer. One person can change the world.