Support Sydney Vegan Market & Addison Rd Community Centre to cut red tape!

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What we are fighting for:

Sydney Vegan Market is establishing itself in a thriving community and with only 4 markets under its belt has already shown that it not only meets the growing demand for access to local, ethical and sustainable products, it supports small local vegan businesses to get in front of their target market and generate real income. 

But here’s the thing, the recent & welcome move to Addison Rd Community Centre (ARCCO) created unforeseen issues with Inner West Council who have now advised that a brand new DA is necessary for SVM to trade. What logically should only take a couple of days will take over three months/100 days to approve!

SVM is new but has already shown its commitment to social, economic, cultural and environmental issues by:

- supporting 100% vegan businesses 

- showcasing the positive and environmentally sustainable vegan lifestyle, providing opportunities to be better informed, try vegan food and products, and access support through information stands

- reserving 20% of all stall categories for marginalised folk

- banning single use plastic 

- using a waste disposal company that recycles everything possible 

- encouraging public transport by offering a free shuttle bus 

- introducing TENT Talks. TED style talks run by stall holders that help promote brand awareness, skill sharing and knowledge building 

-  offering affordable cotton totes and refillable water bottles for purchase on the day

- introducing a fashion show to highlight the fashion brands of SVM with a diverse range of models including women of colour and trans women, and a young queer activist woman as MC

- supporting local vegan artists and musicians by providing paid performance opportunities

How this affects SVM, ARCCO & the community: 

- ARCCO has been fined $6000!

- SVM supports over 120 stall holders every single month

- some of these stall holders have launched their businesses at SVM & only trade at SVM. Does council really want to destroy fledgling businesses?

- an estimated $250K is spent on the day. That is REAL cash flow for small, local vegan businesses. A lot of whom live and work in the inner west. Over the 3-4 months that SVM cannot trade that is close to $1mil being taken away from the economy, is putting pressure on small businesses and families, and restricting access for a burgeoning consumer

- stopping SVM is stopping a growing & thriving community. Controlling choice and rejecting demand 

- SVM financially supports ARCCO. The money earnt by hosting SVM goes to continuing the Refugee street food market 

- ARCCO is now having to decline other community events that have a long history at the space, furthering the financial loss and stopping community from using a much loved & treasured institution in Sydney

What we want:

- We are calling for Inner West council to reduce red tape on community run events to show that their support of culture and community within the Inner West is real

- We want the DA for SVM to be expedited so that we can continue to trade and support small local businesses and the demand for ethical choices 

- We reject the punative approach that Inner West council has taken in issuing such a colossal fine to a community centre and call for a collaborative approach in helping to support SVM & ARCCO to demonstrate their compliance with the appropriate requirements. We demand the fine be withdrawn 

We want to continue to establish SVM, meet the growing demand for ethical community events, support small local businesses & grow into a stalwart in the Sydney market scene. We are confident we can do this but we need your voice to urge the council to review their process and expedite the DA from 100 days so we don't lose business/can operate in April, and support the injection of a projected $1m into the local economy

Let’s keep the momentum going! 

Cover pic: @mojasper