Injustice of Animal Cruelty and Wildlife Abusers, Protected by LAWS and Regulations.

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On Monday, images emerged of the shocking torture of an innocent possum in Bloomsberg, Pennsylvania. In the horrifying photos posted on Facebook, a group of men Held a innocent life against its own will and As the torture went on, the assailants laughed mercilessly.


“The opossum was forced to consume alcohol, forcibly kissed by a human, forcibly manhandled by the neck which is incredibly painful for an Opossum, and one picture would suggest that the animal was punched in the abdominal while being forcibly kissed.” —

“You don’t just go and treat an animal like that and dump beer down its throat and its eyes, and then just throw it in the garbage,” Bloomsburg sophomore Rachel Bell told 16 WNEP of Scranton.

We Must realized there is a Serious Problem,

One as Massive as the Heartless Animal Abusers,

We as a People Felt the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Are NOT Responsibly Acknowledging all Life as Life, We want to voice out and DEMAND that their Ethics on Governing Wild Life, and Domestic Life.

Our Demands To All Responsible Parties.

1. Petition New Rules, Demanding Justified Criminal Charges.

2. Petition New Regulations, Demanding Justified Criminal Charges.

3. Petition Newer, Heavier Penalties against the Animal Abuse, Including All Species of Wildlife.

4. Petition Newer Heavier Convictions against Animal Abuse, Including All Species of Wildlife.

There’s a Metaphor,

“Guns Don’t Kill People; Ignorant People with Guns Kill People”,  

And The Pennsylvania Game Commission is allowing, Criminals with Cruel and Abusive Tendencies, To Run Free and Do what they Wish...... with No LAWS or RULES against these Inhumane Torture to a Living Being.

“ In fact,  the state's animal cruelty laws apply only to domestic animals -- therefore, the worst charges these animal torturers face are possession of wildlife or disturbance/harassment of wildlife. “

~ This is Our First Petition, and we are just regular people, like me and you, We can promise 2 things, if you support and respect the Truth, 

We Promise We will Be Heard by:

1. The Governor: Tom Wolf Pennsylvania Governor. / State of Usa

2. The Dean:  Dean of Students :
Donald Young - Assistant Vice President Bloomsburg University. / College University.

3. The Pennsylvania Game Commission. / The Protectors

4. Office of the Vice President
Dione Somerville, VP for Student Affairs |

5. Morgan Scot Ehrenzeller, of McAlisterville /ANIMAL ABUSER.

6. Michael Robert Tice, of Newport /ANIMAL ABUSER.

7. David Mason Snook, of Mifflin /ANIMAL ABUSER.

STUDENTS, STATE, UNIVERSITY, AUTHORITY......We no longer have anywhere to turn to, neither will our children, nor your Grand children, nor animals with a right to live. If continue to lead this path of Unacceptable Education ethics and inHumane ethics towards Living Beings.

We Promise. Together with All Demands and Ideas of the Good People we meet along this journey, We will make a Difference.

Sign this petition demanding the Pennsylvania Game Commission to prosecute all individuals involved to the fullest extent of the law, and urging PA Governor Tom Wolf to expand existing animal cruelty laws to cover ALL animals, including wildlife. No animal, regardless of species, deserves such torture. 

Thank You All and God Bless. 

Van BrandenWolf & Friends.


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