Getting Education Support Staff the professional recognition they deserve!

Getting Education Support Staff the professional recognition they deserve!

130 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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Started by Karleigh Simpson

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing with you a petition to help get Education Support Staff some recognition of professional practice in regards to obtaining a bachelor degree.

I have been working as a full time teaching assistant for 6 years. I have worked across a number of special schools, and like most of us, have found a passion in this career. I have been studying alongside working for a number of years and have now found myself in a bit of a frustrating situation. My uni, or anyone for that matter, will recognise my professional contributions I have made as a TA.

I have been in contact with the VIT, AITSL, Department of education (vic), James Merlino, Gayle Tierney (higher education minister) and my university, and not one can tell me why I can’t get recognition, or how I can make a change for all TA’s in this position.

After speaking with a person at the AITSL, she informed me that there had recently been a review of ITE courses and how to attract a more diverse cohort, and agreed that this could be a good way to attract some more people to teacher education courses.

As many other TA’s know, our responsibilities often go way beyond our job description. And we do it because we love our job, and our students. Our professional knowledge and experience is vastly underestimated, and we need to be recognised for all that we contribute to the education system. As well as this, TA’s work with such a diverse range of professionals, we are constantly immersed in educational practices, and will have deep knowledge and understanding of the best teaching practices to implement with their students.

Ultimately, I believe that someone who has been working in a TA role for 5 years, should be granted exemptions from majority of professional placement time, and instead should be allowed to complete the theoretical components, with a professional practice observation completed at the end.

If you are a TA in this position, or if you are thinking about studying, or you just know an incredible TA that would make an incredible teacher, then please sign.

If they are so desperate for teachers, why can’t they see we are right here?

130 have signed. Let’s get to 200!