** PETITION NOW CLOSED ** Informed Parents for Cobb County - CCSD Reopening Plan

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CCSD parents formally request that more information be provided on both available options (Digital/Traditional) for students in this coming 2020 - 2021 school year BEFORE the options finalize in ParentVUE.  

*** UPDATE 7/2 - School start date has been changed to August 17th ***

*** UPDATE 7/1 - The deadline is no longer July 10th!   
In anticipation of Thursday, July 2’s special-called Board of Education meeting, the District has decided to postpone the window for parents to select a model for the upcoming school year." ***

On 6/25/20, CCSD released their plans for school reopening on August 3rd.  Parents will be able to choose between a traditional classroom or a remote learning classroom.  Families must register their choice in ParentVUE between July 2nd – July 10th.  No significant details were provided describing the implementation of either learning environment.  CCSD’s website currently states “We know the public and staff have specific questions that are not yet answered. […] Additional details will be provided to the staff and the public over the next 30 days.”  Unfortunately, if we wait 30 days for more information, we will be well past the deadline for choice!  Everyone deserves to be provided with specific details on plan implementation, as this choice will significantly impact education, work, and health of all CCSD families.

Remote Learning

  • Describe the resources which will be provided to CCSD students, including digital resources, learning device loans/rentals, and meal programs
  • Specify the learning platform(s) which will be used
  • Specify maximum class size
  • Describe special conditions and accommodations for vulnerable populations including families living in poverty, and students with developmental challenges.
  • Describe how behavioral health & emotional support will be provided to online learners

Traditional Classroom

  • Specify maximum possible class size
  • Specify cleaning/sanitizing procedures and frequency
  • Describe the efforts that will be made to reduce spread of COVID-19, in the classroom and in other common areas (school busses, lunchroom) such as modified layouts, face coverings, and physical barriers.
  • Describe efforts to supply schools with adequate supplies, including soap, hand sanitizer containing at least 60% ethanol OR 70% isopropanol  (for staff and older children who can safely use hand sanitizer), paper towels, tissues, disinfectant wipes, cloth face coverings (as feasible) and no-touch/foot-pedal trash cans.
  • Describe time off policies for staff and back-up staffing plan for when someone falls ill
  • Describe if/how program availability will be impacted (gifted education, afterschool care, etc.)
  • Describe plans for short term closures (2-5 days) if an infected person has been in the building, including continuity of education and meal programs.

Resources for Parents: