Time Stamping TV News Videos to stop the hype created by TV Channels!!

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There has been a spurt in NEWS channels in India, and there is a pressure on them to provide exclusive & unique content in order retain their viewerships & ratings.

This has prompted the channels to 

- Rewind a short clip of 5 sec video over and over again as if the incident is continuing to occur.

- show a video clip of an incident that has occurred at a different time/date 

Switch ON any TV News channel and you know what I am talking about. Almost all of the TV Channels are playing a video repeatedly over and over multiple times. No one knows when the video was shot, How long it is, and is it even relevant to the current 'Breaking News' context! 

My Proposition: TV News channels have to display a proper time stamp that is visually displayed (like in a VCR) in a corner. When the Video is rewound and played again, the timer has to appropriately rewind as well. In case it is video from different era (read Date) then the date also has to be properly displayed.

This can prevent hype amongst viewers and we will be better informed.