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Stop The Oxford nightclub hosting 'free midget' night

We, the undersigned, are surprised and deeply saddened to learn of the decision by the Oxford nightclub in Manchester to offer a ‘free dwarf’ ‘package’, in which a “‘Tweedle Dee’ or ‘Tweedle Dum’ character will wait on the table and ‘dance on demand’”, with some of its bookings.

We believe such an event is distasteful and discriminatory, and can encourage abuse towards people with restricted growth. We also find the use of the word ‘midget’ deeply offensive.

We cannot imagine the Oxford or any other night club offering such a ‘package’ with a person of any other minority – someone who is Jewish, disabled, or from the LGBT community, for example. Clearly, dwarfism remains one of the last acceptable prejudices in our society. This has to change.

We condemn the Oxford nightclub for deciding to host such disgraceful and derogatory events and we urge them, in the strongest terms, to reconsider their decision.

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