Step up State Government, Protect Our Wallabies!

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Protect the Trinity Beach Agile Wallaby Population
We are calling for support for the protection of the Agile Wallaby Population in Trinity Beach.
Housing developments have increasingly diminished the safe habitat for these animals and crowded a population of over 800 animals into a fragmented group of limited suitable areas, without any wildlife corridors to link them. A planned sports club development on the largest block of suitable habitat will reduce the largest safe habitat area by nearly half.
These animals face multiple dangers, there have been over 400 deaths logged and mapped since Jan 1st, 2019.  This crowded, stressed population must move into the surrounding housing estates for food, and to with the large majority (73%) of deaths being caused by cars. Lax enforcement of existing leash laws is the second leading cause of deaths (20%). As dry season progresses, this population will face disease and starvation, and further risks as they travel in search of food and water.
Because this population is so much larger than the carrying capacity of the area, it poses risks to local residents as well. Crowded stressed populations have higher levels of disease and parasites, and as they spend more and more time on sporting fields and local suburbs, the risk of human and their pets picking up disease and parasites from them increases, especially on sporting fields. The risk of vehicle crashes due to wallabies on the road also increases.
The Agile Project is proposing a multi-faceted protection scheme, one that will protect the animals and as much of their current safe habitat as possible.
400 individuals should be translocated to safer habitat that has been identified by The Agile Project.  While not a common technique in Queensland, translocation has been used effectively elsewhere, and would reduce the wallaby population to one that more closely matches the amount and quality of the existing habitat.

To protect the population that remains, the following should be considered:
-A reset of the dog walking culture so it falls in line with current leash laws is also necessary. 
-Establishment of a fenced dog park in the Bluewater Development
-Increased safety signage on main roads leading from the Cook Highway must also be installed. 
-Fencing around sports fields at currently existing sports clubs in the Trinity Sports Precinct must be checked, and a culture that has access gates opened just for entrances and exits, and closed at all other times must be established. 
-Any new sport club developments must leave as much habitat intact as possible and be fenced/gated to keep wallabies off these sporting fields.
-Appropriate landscaping around highways and main roads.  
DO YOU WANT TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR PROTECTING THE WALLABIES? Make sure to sign and share this petition. The Agile Project will be facing State Government in court on the 28thand 29thof October and asking them to take action by allowing a relocation and management plan. The “do nothing” approach obviously isn’t working. We need to take action NOW.