Ottawa Lawyer John Summers Destroys a Family: Stop Lies To Oppress Sick & Disabled Woman

Ottawa Lawyer John Summers Destroys a Family: Stop Lies To Oppress Sick & Disabled Woman

4 July 2018
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Started by John Stokes

For the over past three years, John Summers has shown just how low a law firm can stoop under the negligence of the Law Society of Upper Canada which allows lawyers to run amok in Ontario.

Dezrin Carby-Samuels was a veritable superwoman going into her 80's capable of doing the housework of a whole team of people 40 years her junior.  She then developed a "mystery illness" that her son was helping her recover from. 

The only problem is that "the company" that was responsible for this mystery illness didn't want her son to "interfere" in their use of Dezrin as a medical specimen.  They wanted Dezrin to become more and more sick to enable their data collection / mining.

In the above video, we show what Dezrin a demure 5''0" 110 lb woman looked liked after just one month of shocking abuse by her 6'4" and nearly 200 lb former track and fied atthlete husband thanks to the efforts of John Summers.

John Summers who was apparently only too willing to prevent a son from getting the love and medical support of a Mother who became disabled and sick from the abuse of John's client - her husbamd. 

John's apparent strategy for his sexist and violent client was to instigate a law suit against the son by slapping the name of Horace, the father on it.  The son got suspicious when he saw the father's name on the law suit which sought to forbid the son from continuing to look after his Mom.  The father in his 80's was retired and in no way could afford a lawyer's retainer based upon an over $300/hr fee.

John then presided over the apparent forgery of Horace's signature on documents attributed to being Horace's.  This apparent forgery has been verified by at least two handwriting experts.  One of the lawyers at Bell Baker then got Ms G. Cleroux to prepare a fraudulent affidavit with Horace's name fraudulently on the action.

Then John got three judges who are fellow alumni of the University of Ottawa to block the efforts of other judges to get needed help to Dezrin.

Meanwhile, Dezrin, forcibly separated from her son, by the macabre activities Mr. Summers, lost the ability to talk, walk and write.  During this time, Horace too became subjected to medical exploitation by the activities of Bell Baker's financial controllers which made him more and more abusive of Dezrin, his wife.

When Judges like University of Ottawa's Justice Roger back in December 2015, sought to reunite Dezrin with her son, "the company" that hired Bell Baker began to apparently coordinate coercion though an apparent undeground network of U of O collaborators who carried out coordinated activities to perpetuate domestic violence against Dezrin .  Social workers at the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Centre also become subjected to threats.  One alleged dirty cop name Robert Griffin Jr shockingly began to threaten Ms Alison Timons and her colleagues starting on 15 June 2015 under the apparent blessings of Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau who also shares a University of Ottawa alumni background.

John's effort to delcare Dezrin's son a Vexatious Litigant designed to deny Dezrin's son to deny him access to his Mother / parents is part of an apparent covert false flag operation which betrays the willingness of a law firm to participate and orchestrate criminal conspiracy, fraud and deception.

John used a fraudulent affidavit signed by his own secretary to support an apparent criminal conspiracy that was in turn endorsed by Justice Sylvia Corthorn who is, you guessed it, a University of Ottawa "fifth column" which has sought to defeat and pervert the course of justice which had originally been supported by Justice Patrick Smith who had sought in February 2016 to liberate Dezrin.

But John Summers and an apparent "axis of evil" which all seems tied to a University of Ottawa "fifth column" had different plans; and that was to destroy a sick and disabled women under inhumane conditions which have no place in Canada.

We, the undersigned deplore the actions of Bell Baker LLP's John Summers and demand that they cease and desist their apparent participation in the oppresion of human life which violates not only ethical professional practices by lawyers and Canadian laws but also basic human decency.  Their coordinated efforts to manipulate the justice system as if Canada were some so-called "Third Word Country" appears to have no bounds. 

As Canadians committed to the rule of law, and the rights of the elderly, we don't condone the continued apparent unethical activities of John Summers' Bell Baker in Ottawa, Canada.





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