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Influence Whistler Grocery Stores to charge 25c for plastic bags

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Whistler is at the forefront of environmental awareness and change. Yet I still see many people using plastic bags. With the range of alternate choices for carrying your groceries, I simply do not understand why plastic bags are still being used. Thus, I want Nester's Market, IGA Marketplace and The Independent Grocer to take some responsibility, and up their charge on plastic bags from 5 cents to 25 cents. 

The indefinite period of time that it takes for the average plastic bag to breakdown can be literally hundreds of years. Every bag that ends up in the woodlands of the country threatens the natural progression of wildlife. Because the break down rate is so slow the chances that the bag will harmlessly go away are extremely slim. Throughout the world plastic bags are responsible for suffocation deaths of woodland animals as well as inhibiting soil nutrients.

One of the greatest problems is that an estimated 300 million plastic bags end up in the Atlantic Ocean alone. These bags are very dangerous for sea life, especially those of the mammal variety. Any hunting mammal can easily mistake the size, shape, and texture of the plastic bag for a meal and find its airway is cut off. Needless deaths from plastic bags are increasing every year.

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