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Don't Kill the Call of Duty Dog

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On May 21st, 2013, Thousands of gamers eagerly awaited the Xbox One reveal. In the last 15 minutes of that reveal, gamers the world over were introduced to what is arguably the most exciting idea from that hour........ Call of Duty Dog. For those that missed it, Call of Duty Dog is a member of your squad in the upcoming FPS, Call of Duty: Ghosts. All over the internet, Call of Duty Dog has spread like wildfire on gaming sites and social media. We were told we would form an attachment to him, we would depend on him in firefights, we would bond with him. To put it simply, gamers will fall in love with Call of Duty Dog. The most plausible scenario after this has happened is not hard to figure out, Call of Duty Dog will die. He may die valiantly fighting to save the player and other teammates from the same fate. He may die due to a simple error on a character's behalf. He may be killed by a villian thus driving the player to seek vengeance on those who would harm his four-legged bestie. But the end result will be the same, Call of Duty Dog will be dead. For what reason would this atrocity occur? Why would Infinity Ward introduce something that 99% of gamers can't help but come to care for and then rip it away from them? For the same reason Old Yeller died. For the same reason Old Dan and Little Ann had to die. For the same reason all the dogs, whether it was the dog from I am Legend or Fable II or countless other dogs from all forms of media entertainment had to die. It's a twist that evokes an emotional response and gives you a reason to push on. With Call of Duty Dog's early and furious rise into our hearts, we find ourselves at a unique opportunity to say "No more!". No more will we stand by and watch our furry friends be relegated to a plot related death. No more will we accept a scripted cutscene showing the main vilain shooting our dog down with no remorse. Stand up and be counted by saying to Infinity Ward, Call of Duty Dog MUST LIVE. Give us the chance to fight for him, Show us that Call of Duty Dog can live on without him having to live on in our hearts and countless GIF's and images across the internet. Vote to save Call of Duty Dog!

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