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Stop illegaliy burning down orangutan habitats

This illegal clearing of Forest is killing the orangutan population by the hundreds. This once was one of the richest ecosystems in the world and now looks like a wasteland. This was once filled with scores of orangutangs is now possibly down to about 200 left. Their population is down 90% because of the cheap oil that comes from palm trees. Not to mention the amount of pollution being put into the air. You can help save these orangutangs by looking at the products that you buy, look at their ingredients if it contains palm oil contact the company and ask where their getting their supply and ask if its retreaved responsibly, speak out about it inform friends and people go out and use your voice for the orangutangs. Nestlé has become a huge advocate for responsibly retrieved palm oil and has stopped purchasing palm oil from Indonesia. Stand up to big palm oil companies like the ones in Indonesia.

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