Help the mentally ill of Indonesia break free of their chains!

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Depression and anxiety affect more than 300 million people worldwide. I, myself experience the difficulties associated with mental illness, as do many of my friends and family. In particular my dad, who suffered from chronic depression for most of his life and had been on medication for many years. The treatment of mental health in Australia isn’t perfect but I am forever grateful for the support my dad received. Two months ago he passed away from a heart attack in Bali and I wish to honour his memory with this petition. The way mental health in Indonesia is handled needs to change. Shackled, chained or put in wooden stocks for years, would you even treat an animal like this? Thousands of mentally ill Indonesians are treated like this up to this very day. Pasung, the act of shackling or imprisoning someone with psychological disabilities, has been banned since 1977 but 1,274 cases were reported in 2014 alone. Most of the mentally ill of Indonesia are treated worse than animals, not being washed or cared for for years. This is inexcusable, the Indonesian government need to put more funds from their budget into mental health. Every person deserves to have their human rights given to them. While they have attempted other initiatives to help in the past, there still only remains 400 psychiatrists and 48 mental hospitals for the 250 million people of Indonesia. Not to mention that over half of these mental hospitals are located in just 4 of their 34 provinces. This is the side of Indonesia the tourists don’t see, and as someone who loves Indonesia and has experienced mental health issues , there needs to be more attention brought to the conditions these people are being kept in and more incentive for their people to get into the mental health field if we have hope to stop this horrific treatment.