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Stop the brutal hunting of dolphins, whales and manta rays in Lamalera, Indonesia

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Locals of Lamalera in Indonesia are killing these species for economic gain. It's devastating to see such beautiful creatures killed, their carcasses, over 5 at a time laid out on the beaches. The community need to find other means of income otherwise these species which are already under threat will be completely wiped out.

The Hunters of The South Seas by BBC 2 provides a harrowing account of this practice and further awareness of such issues need to be spread continually if this is to stop.

It's absolutely heart wrenching to see these innocent animals suffering as they're stabbed repeatedly until they die a painfully slow death. The fact that this is only done for economic gain under the cover of "traditional lifestyle" is incredibly upsetting. In reality, this is quick money for the locals.

The government of Indonesia need to work with locals to find alternative ways of raising income for the area which does not threaten the biodiversity of the ocean. Understandably, the locals of Lamalera have to survive however the massacre of these large animals is most certainly unnecessary. The village constantly kills manta rays for the Chinese medicinal market which is highly profitable. We ask the government to tighten laws and regulations in regards to this matter and find a sustainable source of income for the villagers of Lamalera.

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