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Indigenous; N.A.; Green; Prisoner Rights; etc.; Acts

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We must advocate for life, the evolution, now. All life are needed threads in the fabric of life, although threads are wrenched, we can't allow it to be torn asunder. We are with each of you in spirit, you're never alone, they can't break you because the life is indivisible and you're a great example of what being more alive, more human is; and all it could be, for, struggling with their plan to dictate global unnecessary unending war to usher in the extinction of humanity and large mammals uncontested, must continue to be about being and revealing the truth, and their lies, spoken and un- which you've done courageously. The Beauty Way, on the Red Path, et al, illuminates that and the need for a real Climate Change Bill, an upgrading and greening of the national power grids (creating jobs, decreasing everyone’s electricity bills by 10 %; that savings will be spent- creating a stimulus program too), etc., now. It's not too late to take back the day, by turning 360 degrees around, back to the evolution, dispelling the convolutions devolutionary direction; and getting back to the real future, we'll only have if you do! By the by, still, "la machine", the corporate structure, and their ever increasing and increasingly interlocking and laced systems of premeditated mass-destroying-murdering programs are all just linx in the chains on humanity, attempting to stop us from breaking free, we can break the chain of murder, the chain of death; by abolishing the over use of fossil fuels and being most alive! That's also why I think allowing evolution as a common language, as it's the thread that links every, in the fabric of life, is a good place to start. Please advocate now:


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Indigenous; N.A.; Green; Prisoner Rights; etc.; Acts: 


This petition on Indigenous; N.A.; Green; Prisoner Rights; etc.; Acts: 


Thanx for all you do; happy holidays.


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