Indiana State-wide Fireworks Rights & Restrictions

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Rights for people to use fireworks on planned nights.
Rights for people to prepare for fireworks on expected nights.

Please sign this petition to change the laws in Indiana to make a state-wide fireworks ordinance to allow them on certain nights of the year so that people can prepare for those SPECIFIC nights! Allow fireworks for holidays, and around holidays, however change the Indiana law from 365 days to specified dates. Please share who you are signing this petition for so that our leaders understand whose rights they are saving!


Who has rights in our country: everyone. 

People have a right to celebrate our country, AND people who are bothered by fireworks should have a right to be able to prepare for EXPECTED nights of fireworks. Why should fireworks be allowed every single day?

Indiana currently has a law of fireworks being allowed any night of the year until 11pm. A person could set off fireworks on a random Thursday night at 10:30pm in March, or a random Tuesday night at 10:45pm in October. Regardless of workers who need sleep, children who need sleep for school, or people who are petrified of fireworks.

There are several Indiana counties and cities who have made their own firework ordinances to state which days that they allow them. The state itself does not have any restricted dates - not for the first day of school, before school standardized tests, etc. The Indiana counties and cities who have ordinances for the most part currently use the following dates, allowing fireworks from 5 p.m. to two hours after sunset June 29-July 3 and July 5-9; 10 a.m to midnight on July 4 and from 10 a.m. Dec. 31 to 1 a.m. Jan. 1 as well. This means that in August in those areas, fireworks are not allowed. Some counties in Indiana start earlier in June for allowances around June 22 or Memorial Day. These dates are specificed and can be planned for rather than a blanket of 365 days allowed.


People who are bothered by fireworks often try to make accommodations for EXPECTED nights. Those people can include people with ptsd, people with special needs, people who need to get sleep for early work days, and people with children, infants, and pets. They prepare by going into sound resistant areas, traveling to other places, being prepared to be up late, wear noise cancelling headphones (if their special needs allow it), and watching tv to try to block out the noise. Plans for fireworks can be made when you know the nights that they are allowed - not a blanket allowance where you are worried of when it will happen. That violates the rights of these people!

People who are bothered/afraid of fireworks have many reasons to need to be prepared:
-infants cannot understand the explosions
-young children can be intimidated and petrified
-children who have special needs cannot understand
-military and veterans have problems due to ptsd
-pets get anxious and cannot understand
-people who need to sleep for work cannot sleep

People who enjoy fireworks have their reasons too:
-celebrating and joining together
-excitement and fun together

Does the rights of those who like fireworks exceed others' rights?

Absolutely not! People who enjoy fireworks and are celebrating have a right to use them, HOWEVER that right should not be every night and should be scheduled to ensure the rights of those who do not enjoy them. There are some states who do not allow fireworks to be used by consumers at all, therefore it is a right to be able to use fireworks. It should also be a right to not have to be subjected to them 365 days a year if that was someone's whim.

What are just some of the other states that have restrictions?

Washington allows fireworks to be used from Noon June 28 – 11pm July 5 and 6pm December 31 to 1am January 1. People can prepare for those days!

Illinois requires you to apply for a specific date, and they only allow ground novelty fireworks such as snakes and sparklers.

Ohio doesn't allow consumers to discharge fireworks other than sparklers, and novelty fireworks.

States like Delaware and Massachusetts do not allow any consumer fireworks to be used.

States like Florida and Maryland do not allow fireworks that explode or propel into the air.

There are more states that have restrictions too! These restrictions mean that only certain dates are used for explosive fireworks and sometimes only by professionals on those specific dates. People can prepare for those nights easily.


We need to make a statewide ordinance to certain nights of the year. With those declared nights around holidays, those who enjoy them can prepare for their fun nights ahead of time and those who are petrified can prepare ahead of time too. Those PLANNED nights are known and no one gets caught unaware.

How could you expect someone to prepare for fireworks when they are UNEXPECTED? What happens when someone chooses to put them off the night before school? What happens if someone found some extra fireworks and decided to put them off before children take their standardized tests? In Indiana, fireworks are allowed any night of the year without preparation or planning.

ALL of the following scenarios can be handled properly and respectfully for those people’s rights if the fireworks are restricted to certain nights. This restriction is not limiting those who enjoy fireworks to never being able to use them, but GIVING rights to allow for those days and to allow for others to prepare. Everyone has rights! Why should people who are scared of fireworks not have any right? 



Imagine being the parent who on a random night has put your infant, young child, or special needs child to bed. Later that night they are woken unexpectedly and crying, because you were unable to prepare them for the UNEXPECTED explosions that happened. Infants, toddlers, and children with special needs cannot just be taken outside or given sparklers to help them overcome those fears. Special accommodations are required, and those cannot be made unless the parents know when the fireworks will happen. Do infants, toddlers, special needs children, and parents not have rights too?

Imagine being a person with pets who you love dearly and due to anxiety or age that pet cannot handle fireworks. You get them settled in for the night and then they are crying and having anxiety attacks due to UNEXPECTED explosions. You could have prepared them and gave them medicine, if you would have known in advance what days the fireworks would have been set off. 

Imagine being a person who has to get up at very early in the morning to go to work, and you went to bed early in the evening to prepare yourself for a days work. You are then woken up around 10:50pm by explosions. You struggle to go back to sleep, and your work suffers the next day. Did you not have the right to prepare and make accomodations for those fireworks?

Imagine being a veteran who fought for your freedoms and for you to be able to celebrate with fireworks. You went to bed, and you were awoken with an issue of PTSD as there are explosions that bring you back to the anxiety of war only because of the UNEXPECTED fireworks. Going outside to watch isn’t going to help those fears, and they even did their time fighting for those rights to use fireworks. Special accommodations are required, and the military person or veteran cannot prepare unless they know when the fireworks will happen. If a person has rights to use fireworks, then doesn’t a veteran who fought for those rights have them too? 



To the firework user:
Yes, you have a right to use fireworks.
No, you should not have a right to use them whenever you want. 

To the person(s) upset with fireworks:
Yes, you should have the right to know and prepare.
No, you should not have to be caught unaware of fireworks.

Being caught unaware violates the rights of those who are frightened of fireworks. Why does allowing fireworks mean they should be allowed any night of the year regardless of others’ rights? Why would restricting them to certain nights be such a big deal?

We are saying:
Yes, celebrate and enjoy fireworks.
Yes, celebrate our country’s freedom.
Yes, be loud and party.

But, Yes, have planned fireworks nights determined by the state.
Yes, a planned night will help others be prepared.
Yes, being able to prepare will allow everyone to have rights!


Why did I make this petition?

I have two special needs children who were awakened on a random night in the middle of June by fireworks that we could not prepare for and petrified my children. They cannot understand, and they react the same way to thunder. What do we do? We watch the weather relentlessly so that we can prepare. Can we prepare for fireworks when there are no restricted days? Absolutely not! Should my children be forced to wear noise cancelling headphones and sleep in the basement every night so that the rights of fireworks people can be permitted, or should my children have the right to know they are safe and fireworks are only going to be certain nights of the year?

You can say that people would not put off fireworks in other months, but the law allows it. You can say that people would not put off fireworks on weeknights, but that's allowed too and they do it. You can say that people would respect your child's rights, but then they argue that they have a right to put off fireworks whenever they want; and except after 11pm (for nights other than holidays) they would be right. The right to put off fireworks in Indiana is given to you for any night of the year, but the right to be able to prepare for them on expected nights is not given to families and people who need that preparation. I am signing this petition for my children as they have rights too!