Change Indiana State Ordinance for domestic animals in extreme cold

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Indiana's state laws for domestic animals in extreme weather are not sufficient. Certain counties have ordinances stating domestic animals must be brought inside if the outside temperature is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Others do not. This needs to be a state-wide law punishable by law if not complied with. There also needs to be changes in laws regarding what is adequate shelter and housing for domestic animals outdoors. This law also needs to apply to breeders.

Currently, in Arcadia, IN, there is a German Shepherd Dog breeder who has upwards of 20 or more dogs in kennels outside, with an Igloo dog house as a shelter. At this moment, the temperature in Indiana is -10 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chill of -45 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Indiana state laws for breeders, it is humane for dogs to be outside in this extreme cold. According to Indiana state laws, the breeder is compliant. While this may be sustainable for the German Shepherd Dog, it is not sustainable for all breeds. Therefore, the laws must be revisited.

After the town became outraged, the people of Arcadia, IN feel a change needs to made. The animals, and all domestic animals, deserve a change in the state laws. 

We ask that the ordinance Marion county holds become a LAW to bring animals inside when temperatures are below 20 degrees Fahrenheit and be constructed state-wide. Breeders MUST have an indoor kennel sufficient for all ages and breeds of domestic animals during times of extreme weather, if the animals cannot be in the home/business. If these laws are not followed the offender will be punished by law (to be decided by officials).

State regulations/ordinances/laws can be found at (Indiana State Board of Animal Health) under the Commercial Dog Breeder Statute IC 15-21