Allow Hoosiers access to CBD Oil from Industrial Hemp

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CBD Oil from Industrial Hemp is NOT a gateway to Medical Marijuana, and is in no way shape or form derived from Marijuana. This is a supplement that should be readily available for our Hoosiers as it is in other states. Our Hoosiers are responding with overwhelming positive results from using CBD Oil, and since this has no THC and is not psychoactive, it should be readily available to us. We also need to support the economic impact that our small businesses will bring to our state by being able to move forward with this industry.

With continuous opinions coming from members of government in Indiana, we as citizens are now required to unite and let our legislators know what we want. Earlier in the year we heard Indiana State Police memo that stated "Commercial products manufactured from industrial hemp are lawful to possess and sell in Indiana. A short list of these products may include, but are not limited to, hemp rope, hemp hand lotions, CBD oil, hemp shoes and other clothing articles manufactured from industrial hemp. Keep this information in mind in the event you encounter such products in the course of your duties, and remember these products are lawful to purchase and possess." 

Then yesterday we hear the opinion of the Attorney General stating he believes that CBD is unlawful to sell or possess. While this is just an opinion and interpretation of the law, this brings up more than ever the fact that we need the voice of our citizens on this topic. This all comes from confusing verbiage within Indiana Code and this is what we need to clean up.