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Find an alternative to a 400' X 156' substation at Tillotson and University

PETITION opposing the proposed 400' X 156' IMP SUBSTATION at UNIVERSITY and TILLOTSON AVENUES in MUNCIE, IN(September, 2012)

Indiana Michigan Power/AEP has a responsibility to be good corporate citizens and to avoid making decisions that degrade the public environment. Engineering calculations – which can be based on obsolete or incorrect assumptions - are necessary but by themselves are insufficient for decision-making in the design of utility transmission infrastructure, particularly in populated areas, fragile environments, university or healthcare campuses.

The massive increase in the size of this substation, 20 times its current size, must be questioned, not only on technical grounds (e.g. increased energy conservation and building standards will reduce demand over time) but because of how totally inappropriate its scale and character are to its setting. BSU does not depend on the transformers that occupy most of this proposed substation. BSU and IUBMH both oppose the proposed substation. The commercial area at Jackson may see increased demand (why not locate at least part of the capacity there, close to demand). There is no expected large residential development in this area to justify the huge increase in the substation at this location.

The proposed IMP/AEP substation on Tillotson Avenue does not meet the criteria of serving the public good. Specifically:

Property values, quality of environment and quality of life in the vicinity of the proposed 400-foot long substation will be very negatively impacted. The Tillotson corridor is already under stress, from the White River to McGalliard, lacking adequate planning tools and once again subject to degradation by IMP decisions. When the edges of neighborhoods adjacent to major transportation corridors start to erode, the ripple effects can be infectious. No amount of one-sided cosmetic screening of the proposed installation (IMP proposes a 400 foot brick wall 10 foot high along Tillotson) can overcome its barren appearance, constant humming, looming presence, and potential safety and health dangers, all with predictable destructive effects, not least on the residential property values adjoining and close to the proposed facility.

Ball State University’s physical environment will be degraded - as will that of Indiana University Ball Memorial Hospital - by the construction of such a large “industrial grade” substation at their front door. The proposal to construct a 400ft long and 10ft high brick wall along Tillotson Avenue is no solution to an essentially misplaced facility.

The goal is NOT to block all equipment upgrades and replacement of failing systems, but to assure that IMP devises a plan in keeping with the values of ALL the stakeholders and utility customers concerned.


All civic-minded citizens, professionals, business owners, boosters of Muncie, and the leadership of BSU and IUBMH are called upon to support the government of the City of Muncie and other voices of influence in working with IMP and State officials to stop this further mauling of Muncie. BETTER SOLUTIONS ARE POSSIBLE.

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