Scanning for microchips should be mandatory for any state funded animal facility.

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My dog was reported missing through his microchip company. I discovered that an animal shelter had squired my dog, neglected to scan his microchip to find his owner, and euthanized him. This could happen to anyone and I don’t want it to happen again. Some counties in Indiana require rescues, shelters, and animal control to scan animals for microchips to find their owners before making decisions on options for the animal. This should be required in every county in Indiana. Specific counties can cite and fine you for not having your animal microchipped, so it seems just that those same facilities citing for the microchip should be scanning for them. Why would we ever put an innocent animal down if they can be reunited with their owner? The microchip for animals is a very great and useful tool, if the pet is scanned. This policy needs to be put in place immediately to prevent the death of anymore animals that could be sent home. I have attached a link with the story of the loss of my dog. I hurt for anyone this has happened to and I hope people will join together to prevent this in our state of Indiana. Animals are vulnerable in our society and we must speak for them.