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This is the story of 2 states Washington and Indiana agencies of Child Protective services and the Family courts corruption. Taking children from the parents on a hunch/ suggestion of a Pediatric Doctor Who’s never even seen the children and or parents but makes his assumptions and speaks for Cps as to take these kids from a loving mother and father with out factual evidence. And this said Doctor has been sued for this very same thing of diagnosis of a person based on hearsay and lying under oath in a court of law while using loopholes to fit his narrative! This need to be stopped this Doctor is practicing outside the realms of his licenses which in turn is considered mal practice!!! Not to mention the mental anguish, pain and emotional trauma he’s causing these families and the children please take a look at this letter our petition!!! 

Advocate Voices Inc​​

To whom it may concern,


​I’m writing this letter for Kayla Holst and Dacota Straw concerning the cases for CPS in Washington and Indiana. The Washington case is solely Kayla Holst and her 3 oldest children Parker age 9, Eldon age 8, Coleman age 4. This case is based solely on the suggestion from a Pediatric Doctors that Kayla is a danger to her kids because he suggests she has a mental disorder called Munchhausen’s by proxy. Munchhausen by proxy(MSBP) is a mental health problem in which a caregiver makes up or causes an illness or injury in a person under his or her care, such as a child, an elderly adult, or a person who has a disability. Because vulnerable people are the victims, MSBP is a form of child abuse or elder abuse.

According to him, Dr. Thomas J. Valvano its suggested that she made or coerced thedoctors to perform unnecessary surgeries and give unnecessary treatments and or medications for the purpose of getting attention. Now per Kayla’s court documents I’ve not read nor seen mention of the Pediatricians whom has performed such unnecessary actions to the said children above ever being contacted or state that they to in fact concurred with the above named Dr. Thomas J. Valvano suggestions or even expressed concern that the children’s mother might be fabricating seeking attention. Furthermore, this entire case is based off the suggestion of the mother “MAY” have Munchausen by proxy disorder.


Upon looking into this case I discovered that Dr. Thomas J. Valvano is not a licensed Psychiatrist but a Pediatric doctor who self-proclaims to specialized in child abuse pediatrics  with no specialty license/certificate as stated on the Oregon Medical Board of Licensee Servicesl as seen here

So, this brings me to the questions: Can he diagnose or even suggest that an adult women may have a mental disorder other than say maybe adhd or add? The answer is no he cannot, he is to refer the child to a Psychiatrist and then the Psychiatrist and Pediatric Dr can work together if need be and cannot diagnose an adult. But nowhere does it state a Pediatrician can see an adult or even suggest a diagnosis as stated here

Upon further research on Dr. Thomas J. Valvano I discovered a case of malpractice “KESSLER v. Oregon Health & Science University” where Dr. Valvano and Dr. Powers had a lawsuit placed against them by Randy and Brenda Kessler. Plaintiff’s had filed a complaint against OHSU and both doctors stated above by diagnosing Mrs. Kessler solely on hearsay and aloud unethical medical practices and staff to disclose private information.

The Kessler’s wanted a written form of apology from Dr. Valvano and determinations of Sara Powers, they also requested $180k for pain, suffering, mental anguish and emotional distress. It was also discovered that Dr. Valvano lied under oath in a court of law pertaining to this case. Dr. Valvano claimed the 11th amendment which bars citizens from bringing suits in Federal Court against a state or state agency unless its waved by the states or congress which is the only reason Dr. Valvano was able to file to have this lawsuit dismissed as seen here

Which bring me to his standing in the public/former reviews/opinions that are below average at best for a PEDIATRICIAN. Which also leads me to the questionable reasonings of the CPS deciding to use his views on ANY case.Furthermore, it brings me to question the morals of CPS in both states to ignore the above facts. Which brings me to the new case in Indiana regarding the new child (London), parents Kayla Holst and Dacota Straw had removed by CPS on the mere decisions coming from such a botched case in Washington.

This couple’s child was taken at 4 days old considering the hunch/suggestions of Pediatric doctors who do not specialize in mental health disorders especially such a diverse disorder as MSBP. Also, Indiana to ignore not one but 2 reputable facilities of their choosing’s evaluations (Hamilton Center & Raintree Consulting, LLC.) to take the word of doctors who’ve never even seen the said mother and to practice outside of the range of their licenses. Now it is being stated that CPS in Indiana is asking for yet another psych evaluation done and if they have to do this then it should be a Psychiatrist of the parents choosing, being that they have done 2 previously evaluations at facilities chosen by CPS in Indiana.

The above case in Washington has been drug out over a time period of 2 or more years which in fact should have been closed due to the facts presented above and the children returned to the mother but has yet trickled into Indiana causing yet another child to be taken away. This has detrimentally affected the mother who is and has been seeking treatment from a licensed therapist who in fact has testified on her behalf. And it is continuing to cause the mother and father emotional distress, pain, and mental anguish to say the least.

You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and in this case the parents are being made out to be criminals regarding abuse and neglect that has never occurred and are being denied their sixth amendment right based solely on deeming it a civil matter. In closing, I would like to say that our advocacy nonprofit group will be advocating about the unjust system in handling these cases without factual evidence and information/data. We will continue to publicize this to make the public aware of how the system is failing these children and families. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to try and diminish all unjust aspects of these above cases. Thank you for your time in viewing this matter. WE WANT JUSTICE! WE WANT THE CHILDREN RETURNED! WE WONT STOP! WE WANT REFORM OF CPS AND FAMILY COURTS! 


Indiana code, title 35, article 44.1, chapter 2, section 35-44.1-2-1 (perjury): a person commits perjury by making a false material statement under oath knowing the statement is false or believing its untrue, or making 2 or more material statements in a proceeding before a grand jury or court that are inconsistent to the degree that one of the statements must be false.


Rcw 9A. 72. 020: Perjury in the first degree consist of a person is guilty of perjury in the first degree if any official proceeding he or she make a materially false statement which he or she knows to be false under an oath requires authorized by law, knowledge of the materiality of the statement is not an element of this crime, and the actors mistaken belief that his or her statement was not material is not a defense under this section which classifies as a class B felony.

Rcw 9A.72.040: False swearing classifies a person is guilty if he or she makes a false statement that he or she knows to be false under an oath required or authorized by law which classifies a gross misdemeanor.


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​​​​​​​​Advocate Voices Inc.



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