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Make animal cruelty a felony in Indiana. Ohio did it, so can we!!

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Everyday in the news we hear about animal cruelty cases in and around Indiana. In just the last few months our state has been overwhelmed with stories of people abusing and killing companion animals. Just a few weeks ago Indiana residents were shocked to learn of a 19 year old man in Montgomery County, Indiana burning a cat alive. The cat was rescued but later succumbed to its injuries. In Delaware County, Indiana a man killed his mother's kitten and rabbit by placing them both in an active wood burning stove. These are just two of the most recent cases that have made headlines. There have been countless other incidents of animal abuse, neglect, and torture. As of now, the laws in Indiana aren't tough enough on these offenders. Most of the offenders in Indiana only face misdemeanor charges, whereas Ohio has recently passed the Goddard's Law to protect and speak for companion animals. Goddard's Law was signed into law on June 13, 2016 by Ohio governor John Kasich. That law makes knowingly causing serious physical harm to a companion animal a 5th degree felony for the first offense. This includes depriving a pet of food, water, shelter, or inflicting long term pain. It's time for Indiana to follow suit, pass the same law, and hold animal abusers more accountable for these horrific crimes. It's time for Hoosiers to join together and speak for those that cannot.  Please join me and show your support by signing this petition. Together we can make a difference and urge our lawmakers to do the same. Ohio did it, so can we!!!

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