Stop Animal Killing

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Imagine for a minute that your job consists of saving animals, now imagine a law that forces you to kill those same animals instead of saving them. Unfortunately, that scenario might become reality soon. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is planning on passing a law that would force animal control professionals to euthanize captured animals.

Currently, the standard procedure for captured animals is to relocate them. If the new law passes, all captured animal must be killed. This includes animals like raccoons, opossums, and coyotes. No longer will animals be relocated, instead they will be killed in a misguided attempt to control the population. Realistic the only reason such drastic measures are being considered is to appease farmers who claim the wild coyotes are attacking their livestock. It is insane to be legally required to kill any and every raccoon and coyote that is trapped.

An animal control officer was quoted as saying “I’m going to have to take a mama raccoon and babies off of her fur and put them in a box and gas them.” Please sign and share the mandatory killing of innocent wild animals must not be allowed to pass.