Protect lives - Prevent the Sale of Alcohol at the Sheek/Worthsville Circle K

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VICTORY! Circle K was approved for a permit and sold alcohol at this location from February to October, 2016. Through an appeal process the decision was reversed and the transfer was denied at the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission September 20th meeting. Read updates below for more information!

This 24-hour gas station/convenience store is .75 miles off a new Interstate 65 exit which passes Clark Pleasant Middle School (992 students) and Clark Pleasant Intermediate (1,001 students). It is surrounded in a 1/2 mile radius by about 600 homes, 130 income restricted apartments (some senior living), and 3 churches. This is the first commercial development and creates 24-hour exposure in a pedestrian-friendly area with multi-use trails and sidewalks connecting nearly 2,500 homes within a 1-mile radius.  

Nearby residents have asked Circle K twice to not sell alcohol since it is surrounded by schools, homes and churches. Their answer was simple: "It's our business strategy." Since alcohol (and tobacco) accounts for an average of 51% of their sales, our alternate product suggestions for what they consider a neighborhood (not interstate) gas station were not implemented. 

We are asking the Johnson County Local Hearing Board and the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission to consider that a large percentage of people that spend time in Southeast Greenwood have no desire for alcohol to be sold at this location. 

Indiana Law 

An applicant may denied for any one or more of the following reasons:

  • The applicant does not maintain a high and fine reputation in the community.
  • There is no need for the services of the applicant at the proposed time.
  • The neighborhood and/or community do not desire the services.
  • The services at the proposed location would have a negative impact on other businesses in the neighborhood, as well as a negative impact on the neighborhood in general.
  • The permit premises is within 200 feet of a church or school wall-to-wall.       DOES NOT QUALIFY.  ~380 feet to school ~410 feet to church
  • The permit premises is in a residential area as referred to in IC 7.1-1-3-38 and 905 IAC 1-18-1. 75% residential within a 500-foot radius                                 DOES NOT QUALIFY Only 25% residential because of the church, school, and undeveloped land.

Why Sign? 

If alcohol is sold at this location, it can potentially amplify negative behaviors that already exist in our community which will put an increased strain on families' lives, police and health safety nets.

By signing this petition, you recognize the potential dangers that convenience store alcohol sales can cause in our community. Ultimately, you lack a desire to purchase alcohol at this location.

Verify your Signature 

When you sign the petition, please use the optional comment box to verify yourself and your connection to Southeast Greenwood. Use all that apply.

1) Parent of CURRENT Clark Pleasant Intermediate or Clark Pleasant Middle School student

2) Parent of 2016-2017 New Elementary or CPMS student

3) Guardian, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin of. . . . .

4) I attend Friendship, Light of Life, Greenwood Bible Baptist, Mt. Pleasant Christian Fellowship, Village Bible, or Harvest Bible Chapel

5) I am a professional (school, healthcare, police, etc.) that serves Southeast Greenwood

6) I struggle with alcohol abuse and live in Southeast Greenwood

7) I live in _________ subdivision 

8) I signed the door-to-door petition

Next Steps

Plan to attend the local board hearing! A 4-person panel will base their vote on the criteria listed above. We need to show, in person, that we do not desire alcohol to be sold at this location. 

Monday, February 8th, 2016, 1 p.m.

86 W. Court Street, Franklin, Indiana


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