Give us back our Land and our Temple

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In the Indian capital (new delhi) an ancient temple of Guru Ravidas ji was demolished in the forest of Tughlakabad which dates back to 1509 during the reign of emperor Sikandar Lodi.
Guru Ravidas Ji visited the place in 1509 and preached there during the reign of the second ruler of Lodi, Emperor Sikandar Lodi. 
After being impressed by the thought of Guru ji, he gave the land (about 700 kanals = 87.5 Acres) to the Guru ji to spread his thoughts and for meditation.
But the current "Modi" government does not want the so precious land (since it is in New Delhi) to remain the property of Guru Ravidas Ji (who belonged to the "Dalit" social caste).
That is why they forced the Supreme Court to have them predict the decision in their favor. Having obtained the decision from the Indian Supreme Court, the DDA (Delhi Development Authority created in 1957) on August 10 demolished the ancient temple and occupied the land to build offices and buildings for its BJP and RSS party that promotes and disseminates only the hatred of minor castes that are not Hindus and racial propaganda.

Now what we want is that the ancient temple that was demolished, be rebuilt by the DDA where it was and recognized the right of land ownership to Guru Ravidas Ji (ie Dalit social caste).