Demanding MCC to conduct mopup round For AIQ students.

Demanding MCC to conduct mopup round For AIQ students.

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Dr neha Nar started this petition to Indian supreme court and

Requesting Medical council of India to conduct another round for counseling Round 3/mopup

There were alot of issues these year happening in counseling due to Covid pandemic, all of which are only accounting to the death of merit of students. 

Following are the issues:

1.3300 pg seats of various branches are from AIQ are reverted to state this year because of this rare situation of pandemic which is UNFAIR TO THOSE WHO ARE ONLY ELIGIBLE FOR AI QUOTA.

2. This year MCC, state and dnb all counseling did not take place in order as usual , which is causing seat block in DNB rounds .

3 According to Honorable supreme court, all states R1 has to be conducted before AIQ R2, which did not happen this year. Bihar state counseling did not take place at all. Rajasthan round 1 result was scrapped.

4. At the time of AIQ R2, all central institute AIIMS, JIPMER, PGI also declared their results and their counseling took place at the same time because of which , alot of potential seats of good branches were left in AIQ R2, which will now go state quota.

5. There are alot of students who only qualify for AIQ , like FMGs , and private college passout of some states. Inspite of having good rank, MCC has taken away their opportunity at their desired branches. With constant seat blocking happening in dnb R1 and R2, Where will such students fit in in councilling?

6. Due to unorganised counseling , alot of students have landed up with seats that they dont desire in dnb, but they are still deciding to take the seat because there is no more counseling left at AIQ , such students tend to leave the seats midway during their courses, which will lead to loss of seats and shortage of doctors at such a crucial time of pandemic.

7. These 3300 seats that are reverted to state will be distributed among all categories in state quota, which is unfair to general category student who is only eligible for AIQ.

8. This is an unfair decision of MCC to conduct mopup for Deemed Universities. This supports more people to get seats through management quota, as they are not left with any other option at AIQ level.

9. Due to covid pandemic situation worsening in states like Maharashtra, alot of students have left their seats , not wanting to work in such situation, And alot of students who were not alloted seat are ready to work in such situations but they dont get this opportunity now because no mopup for AIQ.

10. Maharashtra state has alot of court cases piled up , so they haven't given out the schedule for Round 2 yet, it is delayed till further notice. When there is already a shortage of doctors in Maharashtra specially,  instead of waiting for state round to take place, MCC can conduct mopup and seats can be filled at AIQ level as it was initially intended.

We, students who have worked hard whole year to get good ranks for the desired branch, who dont qualify for state quota, who are working right now in covid pandemic situations and are willing to work ahead, request MCC to conduct another round offline or online , requesting MCC to please consider merit over anything else.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!