Indian Railways - Provision of Disposal bins / bags in trains and its timely clearance.

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Needless to say that Indian Railways is widely used by almost every Indian citizen.

Capacity of each compartment varies between classes. II class starts from 72 and even 100 in the unreserved compartments. 

Trash created by each passenger depends on the distance and type of travel. It includes plastic, paper, bottles, aluminium foils and the list goes on.. It is a common site that trash is disposed off by easily throwing them out of the window which almost every citizen is used to.

This probably has following reasons :-

  • No adequate trash facility is provided within the compartment.
  • A small trash bag or bin might be available ( a rare site ) which fills up fast and overflows easily as the size is not adequate and not cleared frequently.
  • Those passenger who really do not care about environment and the motherland, have the whole country alongside the tracks to throw the trash away. 

What can possibly be done : -

  • Provide sufficiently sized trash cans / bins inside the compartment.
  • Arrange frequent / timely clearance at intermediate stations.
  • Create awareness by putting up stickers and notes a at the window side against each berth in every trains.

It is a huge task but possible to achieve over a period with above recommendations. It only needs continuous effort from the Indian Railways and passengers alike.

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