Provision of Dustbin in sleeper and general class in long distance trains #CleanRailways

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I am a frequent traveller by Indian Railway's sleeper class and I feel really sad when people throw Eatables wrappers ,polythene bags ,plastic bottles out of windows as a convenient option for a dustbin and dirty both the sides of our railway tracks running throughout our beautiful country.

While travelling when I see people throwing garbage and wastes out of the windows I try stopping them and request them to throw  it in dustbins on stations or leave it in the train itself as the Railways staff cleans the compartments periodically in running trains.Plastic bottles can easily be recycled if collected by cleaning staff.But I have seen people are not bothered about this serious problem.Everyday thousands of people travelling in sleeper and general class must be throwing waste through the windows and we are not taking this issue seriously.People are not conscious about difference between bio-degradable and non biodegradable waste.

Inside of the Trains and the station areas can be cleaned but the vast area through which the trains run cannot be cleaned.

I request you to provide Dustbins in an empty area  under washbasin in all trains in Sleeper and General Class also as is provided already in First class, Second AC and Third AC classes.There should be clear instructions for using them. Also it is seen that the Railway Staff who vacates these bins and cleans the floor etc in AC compartments then throws the garbage out from the doors of the running trains. The staff should be instructed to vacate  the waste at regular intervals of few hours on stations in  bins only.

This will help to prevent  piling of junk  in the vast area of running tracks throughout the country and further damage to our environment.