Save wildlife - limit Train speed

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This petition is being filed after the recent train accident resulting death of a young female elephant in Dubri, west Bengal. Indian Railway has permitted speed of 50kmph in the day time in dense forest areas which was 25kmpg earlier and had shown sharp decrease in the accidents and death of elephants.

Elephants and other wildlife animals are dying due to speeding train. Speed of the train should be under 25 when crossing the  dense forest areas like dubri, banarhat, nagrakata, siliguri and other parts of West Bengal being elephant corridor. There have been hundreds of incidents where elephants, lions and tiger have died, adding all the count raises to 200+ in last 2 years. 

Also alternative tracks should be build to ultimately shut these tracks and conserve wildlife as the number of animals dying in these tragic accidents is alarming. Also the accidents involves death of endangered animals like tiger. 

Seeking support of the people who believe its high time to save the wildlife and nature.