Medical Facilities in Railways

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was travelling yesterday in train from Mumbai to Ahmedabad to meet my parents after long time and came across with very sad incidence in my journey which I would like to share with everyone including PMO and Railway minister with some of the suggestion I have which may help to save life of some people.

Train started from Borivali station Mumbai and it was almost half an hour and I heard some voices from the compartment besides me. One old age man had started having breathing problem and everyone gathered around. We found he has blood pressure, sugar and breathing issues before. Luckily one other person has tablet of heart and breath problem which was given to him and everything got back to normal but it was just for a while.

After 5 minutes I again heard voices and when I got up I found that old man unconscious. Everyone was trying their best to help. As the train was running there were network issues and even though T.C. was trying to call someone, he was unable to reach to anyone. Whenever the call got connected, he was starting from same sentence and call used to get disconnected again. He was trying to connect to guard as well but again it was through phone so network issue was not able to get connected.

Everyone was running around. By checking in other coaches, we found 2 people who were practicing as doctor and they checked uncle but almost 45 minutes was passed before they could check and the process of connecting to guard and railway authorities still going on.

Finally got connected with Guard almost after an hour when they connected to next station Dahanu road and arranged for doctor service. Train stopped and stretcher came to pick up this uncle and everyone helped to manage to get them on stretcher and helped their family to arrange their luggage. Once the train departed from there, those practitioners said that he was dead but they can not announce it directly and its better to have try by taking him to the hospital.

This whole scenario was very sad and unfortunate for everyone travelling in that coach. I feel if below steps are taken by railway department, such incidences can be avoided and old age travellers can be provided some immediate support which may save lives.

1. T.C. should have kind of walky-talky by which they can connect to guard or motorman. This will be help when train is passing through area without mobile network
2. When there was robbery cases in trains, government provided constables in train. Can same be applicable for such incidence when a doctor can be provided with basic medications available?
3. Facility for passengers to put their salutation while booking a train ticket. This will help T.C. to identify if there is any doctor available in train.

I know these steps can not always save lives but it can help to reduce such incidences by providing immediate medications.