Abolish Reservations from the professions of Teaching and Medical.

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It was widely reported, during the appointment of Assistant Teachers in Uttar Pradesh, People are being passed without even appearing in the examination.

If people who teach us are themselves not educated, it leads to a crisis situation which dampens the present and future of the country on the whole. If we want to live in better India in following decade, it will be teachers who will make it happen, hence the cleansing campaign has to start where everything is imparted. 

I would like to call for immediate withdrawal of Reservations in teaching Profession, whether in appointment, promotions or in regular efficiency test. This will lead to improvement of overall quality of education imparted and will help us in a way, which will help us propel the youth forward.

Anyone who understands teaching at its core knows that one has to has deep understanding of the subject to teach. But if we let the standards slide for people who will impart us education we are looking forward towards an impending doom, which cannot be avoided.

I deeply feel the same for the field of Medical, Its a highly challenging field and if a person cant keep up with the pace at which one has to grasp, one will commit mistakes further in practice and it will lead to loss of valuable human life. We have to progress as time progresses. So please support me in making in better for Indians in coming Tomorrow.