Stop discrimination against women in the name of religion and traditions.

Stop discrimination against women in the name of religion and traditions.

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After the recent verdict by Supreme Court that women of all ages can enter Sabarimala several vile and discriminatory things are being said and propagated against women of this country and in general by certain agencies including the royal family members of Pandalam Palace and some of the so called self proclaimed great bhakts of Lord Ayyappa. They are spreading hate speech against women and Supreme Court and are underming gender equality, saying that age old meaningless and discriminatory traditions and rituals have to be upheld and laws should be made from court intervening in such matters. This is unacceptable since such traditions an and rituals which are abusive and derogatory towards women have to stop. The apex court had to intervene since these traditions were blatant denial of women's rights and gender equality. Requests from Pandalam royal family against law making bodies of the nation intervening in the so called derogatory traditions and requests should not be favoured since there is no gurantee that such an autonomy will not be put to use to promote illegal activities against women and other sections of the society. Also such special requests cannot be entertained since other royal families and religious institutions belonging to any religion can then make claims and indulge in illegal activities against women and gender equality.

Autonomy in the name of traditions and rituals cannot be granted to anybody especially those traditions and rituals undermine the principles of freedom and equality which is rightfully the right of every citizen of the country. Where is the gurantee that a such a religious institution and royal families supporting these will not start illegal activites like sati and human trafficking in the name of tradition and rituals? If such ritualistic and traditional autonomy is given to institutions like these they will do anything  and the law will not be able to touch them. 

India is a nation with great real traditions like fighting against discrimination and standing up against social viles like untouchability in the name of caste and abolition of sati which if were to be in practice now were to kill majority of the women of this country. Kerala, where Sabarimala is situated is rich in its own progressive tradition. For example, Temple Entry Proclamation after which people could enter temples irrespective of caste, the fight to enable women to wear tops and not to be stared unwantedly by men etc happened in Kerala. Then why is it a problem for another royal family in the same state to accept the idea of gender equality and to show some respect to women and be part of the history rather than asking for autonomy in the name of traditions to oppress women in the name of faith?

Because such an autonomy will have far reaching and irreversible consequences in the Indian society, such things should not be entertained no matter which religion it is or what institution it is. The same goes for non-religious institutes too. Women's rights are human rights. If someone is violating them and discriminating in the name of wrong traditions and rituals or any illogical argument strict action has to be taken against them. The basis of all kinds of abuse against women lie in these kinds of retrograde attitudes. If we were to liberate the women of our nation and to bring full gender equality and ensure women safety, institutions and people propagating misogynistic attitudes and thoughts should be kept in check and shown by example that violation of human rights will not be encouraged in our nation. If we have to progress further as a nation, we must ensure that women of our country get equal opportunities everywhere and their dignity is not questioned based on their biologica processes and gene structure. In otherwords no women should be discriminated against just for being a woman. Just because some age old "traditions" label women as sin and sinners and view women as objects of pleasure/items and just bodies does not mean that we as a developing nation should fall prey to such ritualistic retrograde "traditions" and deny justice to the women of India. These kinds of attitudes are disgusting and no agency be it a royal family or religious institution whether it belongs to religion X or religion Y does not have any right to violate the fundamental rights of the citizens of India.

In view of ritualistic traditional autonomy leading to illegal practices (including "narabali - human sacrifice", sati - killing women, human trafficking - trafficking women and children in the name of some religious faith - who knows if some autonomy is given and no law making bodies are allowed to intervene people can practise anything illegal!!) against women or anyone, we request the Honorable President of India and Supreme Court not to allow any autonomy to any institution in the name of tradition and rituals if these practices violate the rights of the citizens of India and undermine the principles on which our country is built. And also to take stringent action against people who spread misinformation and hate speech against women.