Ban Andre Russell from IPL

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This is not a petition but rather a cry for help, a squeal in agony from a cricket fan and a bowler. Cricket is known as a “Gentleman’s game” and a gentleman is one who is “Gentle”, who is soft and is full of mercy.

Andre Russel from West Indies contradicts all the above and he forgets every time that the person bowling to him, is also a human being made of flesh, bones and blood and has his own emotions too. He never minds the feelings of others and goes on to hit the ball mercilessly, shattering the hearts of the young bowler and the fans of the opponent team. 

Mr. Russel, you think you are the strongest person on earth? If you have any such ideas on your mind, kindly change it, because the strongest man existing right now is none other than, Mohammed Siraj. He endured everything you did to him which makes him the strongest.” - Veteran Bowler (The gentleman didn’t want his name revealed)

People with hearts please join us! These are tough times for us! Let’s share this and build our army!