Indian Police Need Leaves, Overtime Pay, Its Their Right. PIL in Supreme Court,India

Indian Police Need Leaves, Overtime Pay, Its Their Right. PIL in Supreme Court,India

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Vijay Gopal started this petition to chief justice of india (supreme court of india)

It is unfortunate that a clause in the Indian Police Act 1861 is hilariously misinterpreted by a handful of people in history and the same element has been sold to all the officers who joined the forces thereafter. Simple Lies and grave violation of Human Rights. 


Wrongful interpretation of Section 22 of Indian Police Act (IPA for brevity here on) 1861 leading to deprivation of Human Rights & Civil Right so the individuals employed in “Police Force” in India.

What Section 22 of IPA 1861 Says:

"22. Police-officers always on duty and may be employed in any part of district.--Every police-officer shall, for all purposes in this Act contained, be considered to be always on duty, and may at any time be employed as a police-officer in any part of the general police-district."

Now anybody with basic minimum common-sense will not read the above section as the "Police Officers" are required to be on duty for 24 hours a day. It simply means that the police officer who is off duty can use his authority to stop a crime and being off duty does not mean he cannot stop the crimes around him. Now, this clause has been time and again sold to the new generation officers to mold them to become SLAVES IN OUR COUNTRY.

If the ones who wrote the Indian Police Act in 1861 wanted a human being to be on duty for 24 hours; I am sure they would have written as "Every Police Officer is supposed to be on duty for 24 hours". I am sure back then; the ones who drafted the law were better in English than our folks. (in 1861 I mean). Now what is the issue?

Well, the police officers in India do not have weekly off's, No Over Time paid, No Holidays (unless the so called superior officer is gracious), Work for minimum 12-14 hours a day. The cops in the U.K, In the U.S.A have rights, they also work only for 40 hours a week, also get over time if they exceed these hours + 2 weekly off's (as they are in a 5 day work week concept unlike India where we are in a 6 day workweek.)

I had filed RTI application in 2016 with Hyderabad Police (all Zones, East, West, North, South and Central Zones) asking them to furnish the details of number of HC they have and the number of days each of them had worked to gather some sample. The results shook me off and confirmed the perception I had until then. All of them worked for 30 days in a month, if anyone wants an off; need to do a double duty and leave. Just appalling. 

In 2014 Government of India's own department; Bureau of Police Research & Development (BPR&D) conducted study to understand the issues of long working hours, side effects of the same on the mind set of the police officers and how that was affecting their work/performer and how they become frustrated, less social, more annoyed, and discourteous over a period of time due to the work style the Indian Police is being sold with lies. The BPR&D confirmed that the police department needs another 61% more people than the current Headcount we have order to even meet the basic policing needs. Note: This 61% is only basic policing keeping the special scenarios of VIP movement management, etc off the books. Now how can we have better society with weaker police?; this is also a major reason as to why our police is always on the lookout for lame reasons to avoid filing cases as they do not have enough man power to do the job; hence they play ignorance card. I also add that most of them are also not good enough with laws to understand what amounts violations as how the Indian Penal Code applies to crimes/violations. Bu that will be a different subject to debate on. Having had due regard to their side of the issue; we will need to fix it too.

Now that I have filed 5 PIL's (Public Interest Litigation's) in the High Court of Telangana about different public related issues; I am about to file a PIL in the Supreme Court of India to ensure that the police get their basic Human Rights and Civil Rights. This should be on bench by anytime July 2019 end. However as always; I need you all to support and Donate whatever you can THROUGH THIS LINK in order FOR US to bear the legal expenses of the case (Supreme Court Cases Charge a BOMB). We all know how it feels to work without a week off, no over time, discourteous people, etc. 

Request you all to sign this petition and show your support for better police for better society. We cannot expect better policing with the current format of the Police Departments Frame Work.


Vijay Gopal

President: Forum Against Corruption,

Hyderabad, Telangana


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!