Pass "The National Council for Professional Social Work Practitioners Bill, 2018" INDIA

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Todays Social Problems demands professionally qualified human resources with specialized knowledge, skills and mindset to render services and bring social change in the area of Social Development, Welfare & Crisis Intervention.

A Professional Social Worker is an individual who has done a professional course in social work with field training as it's integral component, which helps in acquiring specific Knowledge, Skills and Mindset required in delivering professional services in the field of social work, and uses acknowledged professional social work methods in its operations.

Why we need a Council for Professional Social Work in India ?

  1. To bring about uniform and standard professional social work education and practice.
  2. To provide accreditation to Professional Social Workers and Para Social Workers in India and to maintain a National Register of Social Work Professional.
  3. To identify positions that has to be filled by professional social workers only and those where professional social workers can also be one of the professional.
  4. To regulate minimum salary of professional social worker in Public, Volunteer and Corporate sectors.
  5. To have National Policy, Plan and Programmes on professional social work education and practice.
  6. For Research and Development in the area of Indigenous literature, professional social work education and innovation in practice and teaching.
  7. To coordinate among various National and Regional Professional Social Work Association, and liaise with International organisation with similar functions.
  8. Prevent commercialization of social work education and practice.
  9. Promote interaction between professional social workers and professionals from allied disciplines.
  10. Get recognition for certifed professional social workers from India in other countries.
  11. To ensure engagement of social work educators in teaching & research along with practice like other profession (Laws, Medical, Engineering etc.)

Prof. Richard Hay has introduced this private bill in the monsoon session of the parliament, and the background work has been done by the fraternity of St. Joseph's College, Kerala. If Indian Parliament pass the "The National Council for Professional Social Work Practitioners Bill, 2018" in coming winter session then the above mentioned points can be a reality in India. So it's an earnest request to everyone to sign & share the petition for the cause and make the change happen.

Here is a link to show how Professional Social Work has bring tremendous change in a Nation.

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